Top 5 Most Popular Types of Shore Excursions

dreamstime_xs_28896420Every year, more than 20 million people enjoy the pleasures of a cruise. They love the sit-down dining and the in-between meal buffets. They enjoy the evening entertainment and the day time activities from swimming, put-put golf, basketball,  going to the gym, visiting the spa or just lounging on the deck reading a book they checked out from the ship’s library. But there is more. Shore excursions are available to enhance and enrich the cruising experience. If you are planning a cruise, here are five of the most popular types of shore excursions you might be interested in.

1) General sight-seeing tours

Cruise ships generally dock at historic cities or places that have a lot to offer for tourists. For example, cruises of the Greek Islands stop in Athens. You can book a walking tour, bus tour or private tour by taxi and experience the history of the ancient city and the highlights it has to offer. Explore the Acropolis and the Parthenon before returning to your ship.

Mexican Caribbean Cruises dock at Cozumel where you can explore the ancient Mayan pyramids. Alaskan cruises allow you to visit historical Skagway, the jumping off city for the 1899 Alaskan gold rush and setting to many of Jack London’s stories, including his most well-known book, “Call of the Wild.” These are just a few examples. Every port will have a great sightseeing shore excursion for you to participate in if you choose.

2) Water sports shore excursions

When your ship docks, there are a huge number of water sports to enjoy. Whether you decide to go para-sailing off the coast of Cozumel on your Mexican Riviera Cruise, snorkel or scuba dive in Bermuda or the Bahamas on your Caribbean Cruise or off the Great Barrier Reef on your Australian Cruise, your day will be one you will never forget.  

Also available will be water skiing adventures or jet-ski excursions. Go kayaking, rafting or surfing. If there is a water sport that interests you, there will be a shore excursion available to meet your adventurous needs.

3) Adventure Tours

Adventure tours for shore excursions come in all levels of difficulty. You can go zip-lining, horseback riding and kayaking for just a few examples. Take a helicopter ride and land on a glacier. View the beauty of a national park from a light plane. In Australia, you can explore ghost towns and old copper mines.

Biking, hiking and taking a 4-wheel off road adventure are other options. In Hawaii, you can ride a bike up to a volcano. In Mexico, you can take a float trip through ancient Mayan caves. In other areas, you can swim with dolphins or pet stingrays. If mountain or rock climbing is your thing, whether a first-timer or experienced trekker, adventure tours for your shore excursion can accommodate you.  

You can have your choice of excursions. From bird-watching to whale-watching, adventure tours are on every list of top types of shore excursions for cruise passengers.

4) Cuisine and culture tours

Go wine tasting in the Barossa Valley on your Australian Cruise. Learn how to make Italian pizza in Sorrento.  Spend a few hours and learn Moroccan cuisine in a hands-on class and learn the secrets handed down by your chef instructor’s grandmother.

For culture, you can learn how to tango in South America or explore the Mayan ruins in Mexico. Historical museums, art museums and folklore museums can be found at almost every port. There is always time for a meal at a local restaurant where you can sample the local delicacies.

5) Wilderness and wildlife excursions

These excursions give you an up close and personal view of all types of wildlife from birds to bears. See moose or monkeys in their natural habitats. Explore rainforest trails or go whale-watching. View the majesty of bald eagles flying overhead or perched in trees. You can even ride a camel through sand dunes if that is what you like!. Awe-inspiring wonders of the world are just a shore excursion away when you choose a cruise ship vacation.

If you are an excursion or tour operator you know that it's important to have a fun and safe tour for your guests.  If you are looking to work with cruise lines and are seeking excursion insurance you can apply for a quote here.  Feel free to contact us if you need additional information. 

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