Royal Caribbean's "Come Seek" Campaign Focuses on 'Next Gen' Cruisers

excursion-operatorsRoyal Caribbean International just launched a new advertising campaign targeted at ‘next gen’ cruisers. With their “Come Seek” campaign, the company is seeking to attract about 35 million people who are not necessarily “cruise rejecters,” but who simply need a little more convincing, said Royal’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Berra.

What the Cruise Is “Not”

The main message the campaign is trying to land is about what a cruise is “not.” In the commercials that have begun airing on shows such as NBC’s “The Voice,” viewers will see a sequence of rapidly moving, visually stimulating clips that include statements such as “This is not a cruise,”  “You are not a tourist,” and “This is not the Caribbean.”

This “not” theme is expected to carry over into a trade campaign with the theme “You are not a travel agent.” Instead, Royal Caribbean suggests in one ad that, “You are an all-knowing giggle-moment maker.”

The new “Come Seek” campaign will run on several platforms, including 5-second videos that will serve as “teasers” on both national television and as “snackable” messages for social media postings. Moreover, next month the cruise giant plans to display their messages on 320 electronic billboards in high traffic spots in New York City. These advertisements will carry live Periscope video from ships or Caribbean destinations.

Berra shared that Royal’s fourth-quarter spending will increase by 35% from last year, with an expected increase in 2016’s first quarter ad spend as well.

What This Means for Excursion Operators

With an expected uprise in ‘next geners’ cruising via Royal Caribbean, excursion operators should also expect an influx of adventure seekers signing up for activities. “We’re not simply trying to speak to our current core passengers,” said Berra. With the campaign attracting a new audience to cruises, operators should see open-minded travelers excited to go on new adventures.  

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