Facebook Tips for Excursion Operators

Excursion OperatorsBeing a tour operator isn't easy. You have many things on your mind to ensure that your guests have a memorable experience. You’re also probably focused on making sure you have enough guests for your next tour, your equipment is in top shape, and ensuring that your staff is ready to show the guests a fun, and most importantly, safe time.  

Managing your social presence, although extremely important for you business, is likely not a top priority for you. Here are our top three tips to help make it easier for tour operators to get active on social media, specifically, Facebook.

1. Use the Facebook “Book Now” Button

If you’re not familiar with this feature, it’s time to get acquainted with it. Perched right next to the “Like” button on your Facebook page is a “Book Now” button. This great tool allows interested parties to quickly and easily book their excursion with you while they’re most intrigued by what you’ve got to sell.

Having a strong call-to-action like the book now button on Facebook gives interested parties and easy way to take the next step without having to leave your social media business page.

2. Keep Your Posts Fun and Engaging

Post a variety of information on your Facebook pages. You don’t always want to be selling to your audience or telling them to book now. Your fans want to be engaged by your content and being an excursion operator provides you with an excellent advantage to showcase all of the exciting excursions you host. Utilize photography from excursions, show people having a great time, and ask your audience questions about their favorite excursions.

Interact with your audience by creating interesting content that they want before giving them your sales pitch.

3. Provide a Backstage Pass

To your business, that is. The most important thing you’ll do on Facebook is create a valuable connection with your followers. It not only gives your business more human characteristics, it allows your customers to know who you are, what you do, and in exchange, they’ll be more willing to engage with your posts. You can create that connection by showing off the hidden aspects to your business. For example, posting a video of your team installing new zip lines, or blowing up hot air balloons might sound mundane to you, but to your customers it’s something they don’t get to see every day, and because of that, they may really enjoy that post and even share with friends!

Using Facebook for your business doesn’t need to be complicated but you should find the time to utilize the platform to engage your audience with interesting content from the excursions you offer.